Efficiency With Elegance

Machines are often rigid & squarish. RAGHAV 0.5+ is an exception. This power packed AGV gets the work done for your shop floor material, that too in style! With 500 kg tugger/ 250 kg unit load carrying capacity, this devices can run for 16 straight hours without stopping. Astonishing aesthetics along with compact design and added safety features makes it truly a smart worker. Listen to what your floor is asking for. Because curves and power can co-exist!

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C-SENSE path guidance technology

RAGHAV 0.5+ operates on the Colour sensing based (C-SENSE) path guidance developed inhouse. Decide your path of travel, stick our special colour strips or paint it with our shade of Red and you are good to go!

Battery backup & charging time

When charged fully, it gives a battery backup of
16 Hrs, that too on a fully loaded condition. The charging time is magically less amounting to just 2 hours.

Path reversal

RAGHAV 0.5+ is enabled with self-rotation mechanism. This facilitates it to rotate along itself by 180 deg so that it can flip its course of travel, if needed.

Load capacity

One more feature of adaptability. Whether you want to tug a trolley or put the load on top of it, RAGHAV 0.5+ is able to handle both. It has a tugger capacity of 500 kg, while the unit load capacity is 250 kg.

Advanced safety

With highly safe industry grade sensing mechanism, RAGHAV 0.5+ is able to sense any obstacle within a range of 3 m in a field of view of 88 deg.

Great aesthetics:

Our designers have put in great efforts to add amazing aesthetic value to this favourite product of yours. Seeing this beauty running on your shop floor will add up another level of satisfaction in employing automation.


1080 (L) x 625 (W) x 780 (H)

Quick 1 hour installation

The combination of colour based path guidance and inherent user friendliness makes it a cakewalk for us to setup RAGHAV 0.5+ in almost no time. With our colour strips, RAGHAV 0.5+ will be all set to work within an hour of delivery.


Obstacle detection & emergency braking

Auto/Manual modes of operation

Mobile App

Emergency switch

Path cleaning mechanism

No floor/trolley modifications needed

1 year warranty (T&C apply)

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