There are solutions when it comes to indoor automated material handling. However, the problems involved in outdoor material handling are huge and yet unanswered. Due to various dynamic conditions such as speed breakers, slopes and rough surfaces and thus the complex challenges arisen out of it, no attempts have been made to come with a solution for outdoor material handling. RAGHAV S2S is our ambitious effort to solve this issue. RAGHAV S2S is a project given to us by Bajaj Auto Limited, India, the largest 3 wheeler manufacturer globally and a leading brand in 2 wheelers. Currently at their 3W manufacturing shop, Bajaj Auto employs 135 drivers for transporting the 3 wheelers from the assembly section to the finished goods storage. Due to involvement of such huge manpower, there are lots of persistent safety and vehicle damage problems. Also, this path of travel involves various dynamic conditions such as speed breakers, huge gradients, ongoing traffic as well as environmental conditions like rains or heavy temperatures. RAGHAV S2S is ably developed to provide an autonomous solution for the same.

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0-7o Controlled slope walking

Max Speed of 60m/min on Full Load

Long Range Obstacle Detection (0-8 Meters)

Mobile App Control for Manual Operation

Effortless navigation on on rough surfaces

Can tackle speed-breakers & extreme environmental conditions