Our Products

At Yantra, we provide solutions that eliminate complexities in labor-intensive processes such as transportation of loads from point A to point B and storage of goods at shop-floor and warehouse. Our Auto Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and Mobile Robots are rugged and equipped with advanced Industry 4.0 capabilities such as remote performance monitoring, auto loading-unloading accessories and wireless charging, to work in manufacturing and commercial setups' challenging conditions. We also specialise in customised Special Purpose Machines (SPMs) and Robotic Integration & Automation services.


Tugger and Unit Load type AGVs
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Low Height Tunnel Type AGVs


Human Guided Load carriers

At Yantra, we are always excited about and inspired by the latest innovations in the industry. Our team of 20+ creative and passionate engineers continuously works on developing and improving our products for delivering better benefits to our customers.

We keep a keen eye on future trends in the industry to understand future AGVs and Mobile Robots' expectations. Our 'always-on-our-toes' approach has helped us become one of the leading Indian companies for AGVs and Mobile Robots.

Our Journey

For a long time, the manufacturing industry has been dependent on humans to transport load from one point to another, resulting in a slow, risky, and inefficient process. A group of like-minded engineers has embarked on solving these challenges in material handling and bringing about a revolution in the industry.

The first Line Follower Robot was built in the basement of our founder's residence, marking the beginning of Yantra's journey. Yantra was formed in 2016 with a team of young and innovative engineers.

Today, Yantra leads the way for home-grown AGV and Mobile Robot manufacturers. Our talented indigenous design and development team enables us to make cutting-edge products that solve customers' needs affordably. Today, with years of hard work, our esteemed clients include leading global companies such as Sansera Engineering, Flash Electronics, Vaidya Group, Aurangabad Municipal Corporation, and many more.



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