About Us

Who we are

We are a fresh Indian tech startup comprised of inspired young engineers working in the field of Mobile Robotics, or as we put it, Mobotics!
Being an R&D organization by nature, we specialize in indigenous designing & development as well as manufacturing of standard as well as tailor made mobile robotic systems for industrial and commercial applications.

Our Philosophy

Robotics can be complex, but it shouldn’t be! At Yantra, we focus on designing user friendly minimalistic robots, which give exactly what is needed. No more you have to deal with needless complex features adding up to unnecessary product cost.


Deliver mobile robotics products that are minimally awesome and affordable & emerge as globally best Indian brand in business.


Emerge as globally best Indian brand in robotics.


IMAGINE the unthinkable
NEVER-SAY-DIE to make it real
DEVISE awesome products
ILLUSTRATE ceaseless efforts
ACHIEVE for each first letter


We strive hard to solve complex dynamic problems in load carriage and transportation where tremendous human efforts are required. With our latest offering RAGHAV, we kick off our new series of Adaptable Auto Guided Vehicles for autonomous material handling. RAGHAV AGVs are specifically designed to work under challenging floor conditions & demanding material handling requirements in manufacturing industries. These smart AGVs are being made smarter with many upcoming Industry 4.0 features such as performance monitoring modules, auto loading-unloading accessories and wireless charging systems. Many more exciting products to come.

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Obstacle detection & emergency braking

Auto/Manual modes of operation

Mobile App

Emergency switch

Path cleaning mechanism

No floor/trolley modifications needed

1 year warranty (T&C apply)