Slam Technology

Standing tall on well defiened academic research and open source technologies, We are adapting Natural Navigation technologies to use them for Industrail depolyment by customizing and engineering the systems that can power the warehouses and mass storage facilities for Industry 4.0 needs . We are developing Flexible, Customizble and Adaptive Autonomous vechiles which can move in warehouse/storage facility without adding any additional guidance infrastructure and minimal change to the environment in the facility. These vechiles are to being developed to be depolyed in rugged industrial shopfloor and storage units. They will be driving Automated and Integrated Goods Transport across shopfloor and workshops carrying goods of all shapes and sizes with high efficency and minimal manual interventions. These vechiles are equipped with Advanced Industrail Certified Sensors for Data Collection to collect environmental data accurately and remotely control all operations of the depolyed vechiles.

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0-7o Controlled slope walking

Max Speed of 60m/min on Full Load

Long Range Obstacle Detection (0-8 Meters)

Mobile App Control for Manual Operation

Effortless navigation on on rough surfaces

Can tackle speed-breakers & extreme environmental conditions